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We are currently offering fantastic prices on new compressors, call 07904 - 471183 now for details

All our air compressors are sold with a warranty ranging from 3 - 12 months. Longer periods are available on request.

They are all hand picked compressors which will have been either serviced and prepared for resale or have been reworked to bring them back to a very high standard.

All work has been carried out either by myself or other competent air compressor engineers to the highest standards and the prices reflect the time and care which has been taken over each machine.

It is always possible to buy compressors at a cheaper cost, but these machines are to the highest standard that you will find and offer excellent value for the price.

We offer a full compressor delivery and installation service. Also, maintenance plans are available at the best prices.

You will need to call 07904 471183 for stock details as that changes daily, but we usually have some bargains available.

Call:  07904 471183
e-mail:   e-mail compressorman
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