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 Welcome to COMPRESSORMAN  the home of Air-Zone Compressors and RetroVane

Sensible people, sensible talk and sensible prices - Call 07904 471183 

Also, a full range of Hire Compressors waiting to go - Short or Long Term.

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We have Brand New 5.5kw Screw Compressors at less than 20 per week on lease - Will be a limited offer for sure.


Feb 2018 

Well who could have guessed how busy the start of the year was going to be ?

For once we had a reasonable supply of good used compressors and they lasted all of a week - sold them all in days - ebay is full of rubbish abd so when a good one turns up there is a queue at the door.

Most of the used ones came from the update of our hire fleet - we now have a larger hire fleet with the majority of them being new and the average age would be less than 3 years old - no point in hiring out 30 year old machines like others so.

We are run off our feet in the workshops and it gets busier every week - I dont know what the competition are up to but the amount of new customers we are picking up is amazing.

The online shop is now running nicely and if you havent already used it you should go to the top of this page and click on the basket - then register and you can buy all the items you will ever need.

The showroom is now full of new machines for you to choose from and we have great lease deals to spread the cost - it couldnt be cheaper to have a new machine delivered.

We have brand new Airzone Screw Compressors for less than 20 a week and they have a 5 years warranty - so what are you waiting for - call us on   07904 471183.

Jan 2018 

Its the start of a New Year and one of the things that many people neeed to do is to get their compressed air equipment in order.

Maybe you need to change an old troublesome compressor for a new one - or try to sort out a difficult problem - perhaps its time to change your service provider to someone more reliable.

If this is ringing bells with you - then its time to contact Compressorman on 07904 471183 and make a start on getting things in order.

Based in the Midlands we work throughout the UK and have several regionaly based Engineers who can respond to your needs.

So if you are looking to make changes - now is the time - Call Compressorman on    07904 471183 now.

Dec 2017 

Well its the year end and as we reflect on another very busy year at Compressorman, we are also looking forward to 2018 and its challenges ahead.

During 2017 we finally got our Online Shop off the ground - click on basket at top of this page - We have all the parts you could ever need in the shop - Bookmark it as your refference point for all things Compressedair - All parts are delivered next working day.

We also became active on Twitter where we report on our day to day activities - this has proved very popular amd we have many followers - why not join them and see what our Engineers are doing.

Oct 2017 

Last month was crazy busy - Several existing customers needing either upgrades or new larger compressors - plus a surge of new business that we did not expect but was most welcome.

So we have had next to no slack time at all to catch up or do extra duties - as we go into the first week of October we are still steaming ahead at full speed.

For the first time in ages we have a good stock of used machines in our stores and we are busy getting them serviced and prepared for resale.

We have all sizes up to 75Kw with many of the popular smaller sizes also - they won't be here long though and so if you want want please don't linger.

Sept 2017 

We have been very busy the last couple of months and the workshops have been at full capacity.

Used machine sales have been very good mainly due to the fact that we actually had some for sale - good used machines are very thin on the ground at the moment.

New machine sales have been bouyant with a particular splurge at the start of this month - we sold 3 machines on the 1st saturday in Sept alone.


Compressorman is an independently owned and operated business specialising in the supply, service and repair of compressed air and shotblasting equipment with over 40 years in the trade and with experience on all types of machines

Based in the Midlands and available to work anywhere within the UK

Why you should use Compressorman for your requirements

  • A small company with a big reputation

  • Sensible advice - sensible prices

  • Customers big or small - all enquiries welcome

  • Machines designed and built to order

  • Not afraid of hard work or problem air compressors

  • Factory Trained Engineers

  • Confident to work on the very latest equipment

Below are just some of our services

  • Good stock of air compressors - most sizes available

  • Used air compressors - fully serviced or refurbished and carrying up to 3 years warranty

  • Our air compressor maintenance package - pay monthly

  • Air compressor hire options - pay monthly

  • Regular special offers

Whatever the age of your equipment (some existing customers have compressors over 30 years old), if you have a problem or wish to discuss your existing or future compressed air requirements, contact us now....

Call:  07904 471183
e-mail:   e-mail compressorman
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