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Compressed Air System Design

At Compressorman we offer a complete range of services including Compressed Air Systems design.

We are often called in to repair compressed air systems that are now unfit for purpose. Usually the compressed air system has grown with the company, bits have been added on as more air or specialised treatment of air has been needed. Compressorman can help to improve the efficiency of your existing equipment or redesign your entire compressed air system. If compressed air is essential to your production then your choice of Compressed Air System is vitally important.

Upgrading a system to cope with higher loads can be fraught with problems especially if the existing machines are old and tired. Most businesses are looking for the most cost- efficient answer but skimping on the compressed air system can be a false economy.

“I am amazed when people tell me what they need and then say they want to spend £500 to £600 on their compressor. This is when they tell me about the thousands of pounds spent on the new equipment that they want the £500 compressor to run. The compressor, they tell me, will need to run for 18hrs a day, and produce good quality dry air. It makes me a smile on a busy day.”

Compressorman can assess your existing Compressed air needs and add in extra capacity into the system so that it can cope as the business grows. We can design and install the system to deliver the quantity and quality of compressed air required. We offer a complete design an installation service with pipework to point of use.