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Air Receivers, Refrigerant Dryers and Filters

Compressed Air needs a variety of treatments once it has been produced. Compressorman stocks a range of receivers in horizontal and vertical positions

Some receivers are integrated into the Compressed Air Unit, others are stand-alone, vertical tanks.

The receivers are made of steel with welded joints. They have been pressure tested up to 11bar.

They are available in sizes from 50 litres to 2,000 litres to suit your application.

Refrigerant Dryers

Compressorman stocks a range of dryers to produce dry air from ambient down to desert dry air. Some are integrated into the Compressed air unit others are free standing.

The refrigerant dryers are available in a range of sizes, which are normally in stock, from 20Cfm up to 2,000 Cfm

Compressorman also supplies a complete range of filtration units including full moisture removal and oil removal units.

A combination of the dryer and filters can produce air that is suitable for a variety of uses including food production and packaging.

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