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Best Buys

There are so many different Compressors on offer that is can be a nightmare for the prospective customer to try and decide what to do. The suppliers are all desperate for the business at any cost and may tell you what you want to hear not wat is right for the application. Being independent at Compressorman we can sell just about any make of Compressor we like and have tried a few different makes over the years, but we struggled to find a manufacturer that we were truly comfortable with until we settled on the Air-Zone brand.

Changing Technology

Today’s Compressors can be very complicated and also very clever, every one of those features has the ability to adjust your compressor to be more efficient. They are also very sensitive and if it decides that its parameters are not being met it will stop the machine. If you don’t understand the principles or want to master them, the machine will soon get into the state of nuisance tripping and it will be in a nightmare situation for you. At Compressorman we have some compressors that are so complicated that they can almost make you a cup of coffee and will certainly save you energy costs, assuming there is any to save.
If you want a VSD Compressor where the target pressure can be set to within 0.1 bar then we have several of those but make sure that is what you need as it is expensive technology. If you just need quality, reliable air then perhaps a more standard machine will do the job and save you a big outlay. There is nothing nicer than a solid and reliable "Red button - Green button" machine, but if you want and need high technology then we have the lot.

Single and three phase confusion.

After talking to a potential customer last night, I realised there is still confusion over 240 volt, single phase electrics and 415 volt, three phase electrics. There is no such thing as a dual voltage, 240 volt motor - well not in general terms - if you see a motor that is rated say “415v - 240v “ it does not mean it can run on either three phase or single phase. What it means is, it is a three phase motor that can run on either 415v or 240v three phase electric. It cannot be directly connected to 240volt UK electrics - Shock horror, but that ends that myth. In short it must say 240v - 1ph - for single phase use.

Some Hydrovane History

One of the first things you need to understand is that 20 to 30 years ago there were considerably fewer one man band workshops, in starter units or in converted farm buildings - no one had a small Hydrovane in a home workshop - 99% of new ones would be going into Industry and most would be 3 phase units. They were often run very hard indeed sometimes up to 24/7 - assuming they were serviced properly then they ran faultlessly rather like a Swiss watch.

As the economy changed and small units were built or converted for small business use, then people wanted a quieter top of the range machine like the Hydrovane and the more affluent businesses were able to buy new 240 volt models and the rest had to just wish until something suitable became available. At this point in time people had little choice but to buy an old Piston or a new cheap one from places like machine mart or similar and so the search for used Hydrovanes was born.

Move forward 10 to 20 years and there are many more small business, some have three phase electric and many only single phase. There developed a massive market of people wanting small Hydrovanes and that market is just as strong today, unfortunately most of the used machines that become available are old and tired or have passed through many hands. The chances of finding a really good machine, at a sensible price, is very slim. Ebay and gumtree are full of tired old models that are well past their best.

If you want a good quality used Hydrovane or a completely remanufactured one, buy one from us with a warranty, call us on 07904471183

Customers having a good year.

I have just about lost count of the number of our customers who have bought new compressors from us due to them expanding their operations. It is always nice when existing customers are having a good time and it is a bonus to us when they buy more compressed air equipment from us.
We would also like to say how pleased and thankful we are that so many have chosen to confirm their faith in us and continue to use us as their suppliers of the new equipment. Also to the many new customers we have gained this year - we welcome them and look forward to working together.
“Ebay speak” interpretated.
Do you understand the Ebay code? Ebay is better than Sky TV for entertainment and the descriptions that people put on there are amazing. Apologies to all those sellers who are perfectly legitimate and above board. There are several key phrases that should set alarm bells ringing straight away -
1) Only available due to recent upgrade. Is it the case that this person had a really nice and perfectly working modern compressor but they have expanded and they needed the same again but a larger size - of course this does happen but not often. More likely scenario is the old one was too much trouble, getting tired and unreliable, needing lots of money spent on it with no real hope of success. Of course people do upgrade to brand new units and their old unit is working well - but they won’t be selling that machine cheaply on ebay if it is a good example they will sell it for a premium price.
2) Only available because our new workshop does not have 3 phase, so we can’t show it running. This one needs no explanation – Don’t even think about it - Biggest scam ever.
3) Working but a service would be advised Means they can’t find the problem and neither can anyone else and so they will be glad to get rid of it.
4) Too big for our electric supply probably has a serious electrical problem and blowing fuses
5) Machine is far too big for our needs well if it is connected and you can see it running - you decide.
6) Only for sale due to business closure same as 5
7) Selling untested as don’t have power to run it. Alarm bells again, where did it come from if they haven’t used it? Does it even run?