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Compressed Air Systems Servicing and Maintenance Plans

Whether you want a one-off service, a regular service plan or a detailed preventative maintenance plan for your compressed air system, we can help. We also offer a 24/7 call out service if you need it. Where you are situated in the UK does not matter as we are prepared to travel anywhere at cost. We have engineers placed all over the country and can usually attend very quickly.

Compressorman service engineers are factory trained, CSCS registered, Skill Card registered and hold EMSS safety passports.

To see list of Compressorman current certifications use the QR code.

When deciding upon a service plan there are lots of variables to consider - what type of compressor - what size - how many hours does it run - what do you require from the compressor? Most manufacturers recommend 2000hrs or an annual service, for a new or as new air compressor. An older or less serviced machine may struggle with 2000hr service intervals and may benefit from an interim inspection at six months.

If the compressor runs for 4000 hrs or more per year then servicing every 2000hrs will be fine. It is proven that machines which are looked after in this way, last longer and are far less troublesome. An unreliable and troublesome compressor can be an expensive option. Compressorman's hire machines are serviced every 1000hrs or 6 monthly, even from new, regardless of manufacturers 2000hr/4000hr recommendations

Compressed Air Systems Inclusive Pricing.

Service Prices include oil and filter changes, service kits, all adjustments and checks listed by the manufacturer, inclusive of parts and labour. We never compromise on parts or labour, it is a false economy, the machine will fail. Compressorman engineers perform a professional service in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations and charge an inclusive price ensuring no unpleasant surprises! Contact us for a quotation

Compressed Air System Service Plans

We offer a comprehensive but flexible contract which we can adjust to suit any machine anywhere in the UK. A one-off service will include the manufacturer’s recommended service for the amount of hours the machine has run. It does not tie you into any agreement. We will notify you when your annual service and or WSE inspection is due. A yearly contract with a six month inspection option, can be paid for annually or divided into monthly payments at no extra cost. The Package can also include WSE certification as required by law. The furthest UK based compressor we work on is in the Outer Hebrides, Glasgow is another hotspot for us, as well as the South Coast. Within the London and M25 area we also have many customers. Our base is in the Midlands but we are ready and prepared to travel anywhere. Prices available on request. Contact us

Compressed Air Systems Preventative Maintenance Plans

I am happy to inspect your whole compressed air requirement and produce a detailed plan which will include your projected costings for set work over the following 12 months. This will help you to budget for maintenance cost and you can pay monthly if you wish at no extra cost.

“Stand-by air compressors are without doubt the best decision you could ever make. If you use compressed air as part of your product or process then a stand-by unit is a must.”

Consider this – if for whatever reason your compressor stopped or malfunctioned, you might know the best compressor engineer in the world - BUT - is he busy? Will he answer his phone? Can he come now? Where is he? How long will it take him to get to you? How long will it take to sort the problem? Has he got the right spares with him? Can he get the right spares now – what a drama! The answer – press the start button on your stand-by compressor and the heat is off.. Yes you still have to sort the problem with your old unit but you are back in business and the emergency has passed. We usually have a supply of suitable standby compressors at sensible prices, we can write one into the monthly cost of your maintenance agreement if you wish.