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Compressed Air System, Finance and Leasing

Compressors and compressed air equipment can be expensive to buy, especially for a system that will provide a reliable and quality source of air for production purposes. Leasing is one of the most efficient and rational options for funding Compressed Air equipment by providing budgetary control and predictability. The Compressed Air system can be added to or upgraded at any time during the agreement, with no penalty. It offers a method of exploiting the rapidly changing technology by simply changing the payments.

Compressorman works in conjunction with a leasing company, specialising in offering finance and leasing for Compressed Air Equipment. Compressorman is therefore able to offer flexible and tax efficient solutions for all aspects of the installation of a new compressed air system for a single fixed rental figure. There is 100% tax allowance on leased equipment which reduces the cost to the business. Leasing as an alternative source of finance leaves existing lines of credit untouched.

Compressorman’s lease company partner can offer a traditional finance lease agreement, can arrange a hire purchase or an off balance sheet operating lease, to suit individual situations. A financial lease rental is the most popular option due to its flexibility and financial benefits. The equipment is paid for over its expected working life and options to upgrade are available. Tax allowances of 100% are applied to the repayments making it cost effective. There is usually no deposit required and VAT is payable on the repayments not as a lump sum.

The finance solution for your Compressor Equipment, once approved, allows the equipment to be installed immediately, with no capital outlay, spreading the cost over the time period you choose.

Funding for all types of Compressor Equipment of any value from £1000 upwards is available, there is no upper ceiling. Compressed Air System finance and leasing can be arranged over any period from 1 – 7 years. Payments can be monthly or quarterly allowing for accurate budgeting.

And Finally…

At the end of the agreement you can:

  • - choose whether to replace or upgrade the Compressor Equipment on a new agreement
  • - or carry on using it either on a peppercorn rental or with outright ownership

Terms and Conditions apply.

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